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Cathy's House Located at 515 W. Liberty Street in Medina, OH
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Cathy’ House has helped hundreds of men and women since its founding in 1998. Broken individuals become whole, productive and responsible. Fathers become fathers; mothers become mothers. They trade dark existences for lives of spirit-filled sunlight.  The ripple effects of  this kind of transformation changes everything!

Our Mission in The Community

The mission of Cathy’s House is to serve the community by providing a sober living environment for individuals making the transition from addiction to sobriety.

We house adults 18 years and older.

Our Origins

Cathy’s House was started through the generosity and tenacity of a local family that lost a very close family member to alcoholism at a young age. So, they felt inspired to do something to help other people in similar situations..

Cathy's House is supported by:
  • Medina County ADAMH Board
  • Private Donations and Fund Raisings
  • Resident Rent