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A Typical Day at Cathy's House

Residents are up and moving very early. They have their morning breakfast, complete their chores and are out the door by 8:00 AM either going to work or seeking employment. At the end of the day, they return for dinner in a healthy, sober living environment along with other individuals who are recovering. After dinner, they attend a recovery meeting. Finally, they return, go to sleep, get up the next day and repeat the process.

There’s magic in this simple regimen. The structure provides a secure foundation on which to stand as addicts help each other become healthier individuals.

How Cathy's House Works - Social & Economic Considerations

Cathy’s House is a men and women ¾ House and is not a treatment facility. It is run by non-professionals and provides no medical treatment, counseling or professional care of any kind. It is a place where recovered alcoholics, drug addicts and other volunteers help suffering alcoholics and drug addicts recover and find sobriety.

Candidates come through a variety of different channels including: Medina County Jail, The Drug Court, The Probation Department, or other local treatment and counseling organizations. Potential residents are also welcome to contact Cathy’s House directly, but only if they are totally committed to their sobriety and everything that entails.

Residents are required to attend recovery meetings, work or seek employment, and follow all the house rules. The men and women share the houses with other men and women who are also turning their lives around, transitioning from addition to recovery.

Statistically it’s proven more than half of all homicides and domestic violence cases are alcohol or drug related.  One-third of emergency room visits are alcohol or drug related. Most people in our local jails are there because of alcohol or drug related crimes. So, the fact that we can help people transition from that lifestyle into more positive, constructive lifestyle through recovery is a huge, beneficial social and economic impact.

Latest figures show Medina County spends about $100 per day to house an inmate. Figures show that Cathy’s House saves approximately $50,000 per year for Medina County, by reducing those incarceration costs.